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Assignment Fashion and Samia Oz

Earlier this year I was contacted by Kelsey Adlem to shoot an editorial for the popular fashion blog Assignment Fashion. We had worked together on a previous shoot and it was be a good opportunity to have more of my work published.

Samia Oz proved to be an excellent model and was easy to shoot with. Kelsey provided an excellent array of clothing options and I was really happy with how everything turned out.

To see more of the photos, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the shoot on their website.


With a few hours left in 2014, I have some time to reflect on an amazing and successful year. This year I accomplished my goals of shooting film and getting my work published. Not only was my work printed in multiple magazines, I also had a photo in a gallery.

I had the opportunity to shoot with everything from my friend Tyler's old Mamiya RB67, to a brand new Phase One. In addition to medium format cameras, I shot with my trusty T3i, a 5D Mark 2, and my dad's old Nikon 35mm film camera. I was lucky enough to get a great deal on a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS lens which is now my go-to lens for pretty much anything these days. 

With as far as I have come in my photography in the last year, I am super excited to continue developing my portrait and fashion photography, and of course working with the incredible Burlesque community here in Vancouver. 

Thank you to everyone who shot with me and I hope that all of my wonderful friends have the best of luck in 2015!

I am leaving Remington Gallery

   As of October 1st, I will no longer be a permanent resident among the artists at Remington Gallery. It's been 8 months since I started renting the studio space at 108 E Hastings street and I have spent many weekends and evenings doing photoshoots long into the night. Friends were made and stories were told in that wonderful space and I am going to miss it.

   Over the next 8 months, I am going to focus on developing my business further and that will take some big changes. My clients may have noticed that I now require deposits on shoots and the booking experience in general is feeling a lot more professional. I have put a lot of my time and money into photography and it's time I took it to the next level. I have appreciated all the experiences Alex Waber and the rest of the Remington Artists have shared with me and I will absolutely be taking that with me going forward. I will still be using the studio for some shoots, but it will be on an hourly rate instead of my monthly rental situation.

I highly recommend the facility for photo shoots to anyone looking for a large space that is maintained by one of the friendliest people I have ever met. So long Remington, it's been a blast.

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My friend Jan started a new website yesterday and photos from our recent shoot were front and center.

Good luck Jan on your new blog!

2014 Goal #2: COMPLETE

Last year I went on a trip around town with my friend and amazing photographer Tyler Branston and shot with his Bronica medium format film camera. To date, these photos are some of the most unique that I have ever taken.

Since then, I wanted to pick up my own film camera and shoot film by myself. That's when my dad gave me his old Nikon EM camera, lenses and a big box of film.

Since then I've brought the camera along to a few shoots and have snapped photos. It's been an interesting experience and I haven't ever done a pure analog shoot; but I certainly have taken a bunch of photos.

It's such a strange experience to look down after taking a few photos and having no idea what they look like. I have shot on both color and black & white, and look forward to more analog shoots in the future.

My goal this year was to spend time shooting film, learning about the process and just experience the world of analog. I can proudly say that I know what it was like before the digital revolution. 

My next step is to set up a darkroom in my house and develop my own film. That is my last goal of 2014 and this year seems to be flying by. I have a few pieces and supplies scattered about but nothing set up. I'll be sure to update when I'm on that next step.

Good luck on your own 2014 goals!

2014 Goal #1: COMPLETE

At the start of every year, I create a short list of goals. One of my goals this year, was to be published in a magazine.

In April 2014, my shot with Ginger Avenue was published in Delicious Dolls. This marks a pretty exciting milestone in my career, especially with that big credit on the page.

I look forward to future publications and crossing off more goals in my list!


In addition to Photography, I have a few other jobs. I am an Online Content Developer for Shaw Communications meaning that I product written and visual content for customer support, which also includes video and I am also a freelance writer for blog sites including Mega Tech News where I write about Photography products and news.

I also develop websites like this one. There are a few local photographers and makeup artists in Vancouver that I have created websites for.