Vancouver based portrait photographer.



With a few hours left in 2014, I have some time to reflect on an amazing and successful year. This year I accomplished my goals of shooting film and getting my work published. Not only was my work printed in multiple magazines, I also had a photo in a gallery.

I had the opportunity to shoot with everything from my friend Tyler's old Mamiya RB67, to a brand new Phase One. In addition to medium format cameras, I shot with my trusty T3i, a 5D Mark 2, and my dad's old Nikon 35mm film camera. I was lucky enough to get a great deal on a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS lens which is now my go-to lens for pretty much anything these days. 

With as far as I have come in my photography in the last year, I am super excited to continue developing my portrait and fashion photography, and of course working with the incredible Burlesque community here in Vancouver. 

Thank you to everyone who shot with me and I hope that all of my wonderful friends have the best of luck in 2015!